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Austin Elite Competitive Team Policies

Financial Policies:

- Due at Sign-Up: First month tuition (Prorated if not starting at the beginning of the month), Last Month Tuition, $150 Team Membership Fee (If applicable - Team Fees and Uniform Fees)..

- Autopay: Autopay is required for all accounts. Tuition for classes is charged to your online account on the 25th of the month and payments are ran on the 1st of the month. If the 1st falls on a weekend, payments will be ran on the next business day. Payments may take a few days to finish posting to your account. All card charges and payments will have a 2.4 % processing fee. If there is an echeck on file, there is no processing fee.

- Team Drops: If you are wanting to drop your enrollment, a 30-day written notice is required. Email

- Late Fees: Tuition is due monthly on the 1st. If an account has charges 5 days past due, a $75 late fee will be added to the account. If a credit card is expired, you will have a 5 day grace period before being charged the late fee. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep their online account up-to-date with credit cards, emails, and phone numbers. Please make sure the credit card information and email address on file for your account are correct.

- Session: You remain enrolled unless you notify us. (Please see our Cancellation Policy.) We do not prorate months that have closed days due to holidays. No refunds or adjustments are made due to absences. Austin Elite Gymnastics does not prorate or give refunds, with the exception of your first month if you join in the middle of the month.

- Parent Portal: All payments must be paid on your online parent portal. Austin Elite Gymnastics does not mail statements. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep their account in good standing. No cash is accepted.

- Private Lessons: Private Lessons, or one-on-one sessions with coaches, are available upon request. You can speak with the front desk to get your information out to all available coaches or you may speak directly with the coach of your choice. All coaches are responsible for scheduling their own lessons and they have their own pricing structure. Please speak with them about it beforehand.

o   Private Lessons Charges: All payments for private lessons will be made through the Parent Portal. Make sure there is an accurate payment method on file. If the payment does not go through, you will be contacted through phone call and email. If the payment does not get made, there will be a $10 late fee added each day that payment is not made.

§  If late payments continue to occur, payment for private lessons will need to be made first before the private lesson can take place.

§  If payments cannot be made on time in a consistent manner, you and your athlete will be banned from taking private lessons until the ability to make those payments in a timely manner can be demonstrated.

- Unpaid Balances: ALL BALANCES need to be paid by the end of the month. You are responsible for making sure that your balance is paid or your payment method is updated. The front office will contact you through phone call and email should your balance not be paid. If your balance is not paid by the end of the month:

o   1st Time: Warning

o   2nd Time: Probation – No Private Lessons

o   3rd Time: Kicked off Team

- Routine Fees: ALL fees for any routines will need to be made in full before routines are taught to athletes. This includes music, floor routine, and beam routine. If fees are not paid, routines are not taught!

- Cancellation Policy: All tuition and competition fees paid are non-refundable. In order to drop from team, we need a 30-day written notice. This allows us enough time to remove your upcoming automatic tuition charge before it posts.

- Account Pauses: We DO NOT pause accounts. You will either need to stay enrolled and pay the monthly tuition until you return or you will need to fully unenroll. If you choose to unenroll, when you do return to re-enroll, you will be charged all of the sign-up fees again (Please see Due at Sign-up).


General Guidelines:

- Parent Watch Policy: Parents are welcome to watch their child anytime in our lobby. However, for safety reasons and in order not to distract the students, siblings who aren’t enrolled should remain off the mats and equipment. We also ask that parents stay off the gym floor and any mats for safety/liability reasons if choosing to watch your athlete(s) as surfaces around the gym are uneven and athletes rotate around the gym.

- Missed Classes and Make-Ups: If your athlete will be missing practice, please contact the front office or their coach to let us know. Competitive team athletes must come only on the days they are scheduled. There are NO make-up classes for team.

- Calendar and Gym Closings: Austin Elite Gymnastics generally follows the Lake Travis School District calendar and when it comes to closings for inclement weather. Check Facebook and Instagram (Follow us through the Contact Page) for up-to-date weather closings. Competitive team athletes and parents will also be notified via SportsYou and email if we will be canceling or changing the practice schedule.

- Arrival/Pick-Up: Your athlete must be ready to go in their leotard and hair up by the start of practice. They will wait in the lobby or by their lockers until practice starts. They are not allowed on the gym equipment as we will have recreational classes going at that time. Please pick up your student on time. We appreciate your regular and timely attendance. During peak times, the parking lot is crowded. Please take into consideration that our students may include your children. Please drive slowly and carefully. Do not take a chance on your student running to and from your car.

- Bathroom/Lobby: All open top drinks must be finished in the lobby before athletes are able to go to practice. Please bring a reusable, closed-top water bottle.

- Behavior Policy: Austin Elite Gymnastics works towards providing the best experience for all of our students. With that in mind, it is important that our athletes meet certain behavioral expectations to promote the safety and well-being of their peers. The program directors will give a verbal warning to any child who does not meet these expectations. If behavior persists, directors reserve the right to deny or discontinue enrollment of any child who does not meet these expectations.

- Lost and Found: Austin Elite Gymnastics is not responsible for items left, lost, or stolen at the gym. We cannot guarantee the security of personal items left in cubbies during classes and we do not guarantee that items lost will be found. Austin Elite maintains a lost and found bin next to the front door. Once a month we will clear out the Lost and Found bin by donating the unclaimed items to charity. Be sure all personal items are marked, as we will contact you if we find a lost item with a name.

- Food Policy: Please do not allow your student to bring food out onto the gym floor. All snacks need to be eaten at cubbies and lockers. All food and trash needs to be picked up and thrown away in the trash can.

- Cell Phones and Media Use: Cell phones are not allowed on the gym floor. They need to be kept at the cubbies/lockers or in the pouches by the office. If there is an emergency, contact the front office or their coach.

- Sick Policy: Children need to be fever-free for a full 24 hours before coming to class. If they miss school due to illness, they shouldn’t attend Austin Elite. If the child has a noticeable irregular rash or a coach notices lice, this may also be a consideration for doing a make-up class. Please notify us if your child has attended class with lice, pink eye, or other contagious illnesses so we can take proper cleaning procedures. This is a safeguard for helping us all keep each other healthy and bug-free.

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