Austin Elite Gymnastics

Pursuit of Excellence 

Head Coach/Director:

Mike Hillin

Programs Offered:

  • Optional Levels (6-10)

  • Compulsory Levels (2-5)

Team Philosophy

To use gymnastics as a vehicle to teach qualities beyond strength, flexibility, coordination and grace.  We take pride in building attributes such as discipline, self-motivation, patience, courage, goal setting and a positive self-image.  Austin Elite Gymnastics Training Center gymnasts will embrace the concepts of teamwork in a sport that is widely considered an individual sport.

Our team goal is for each athlete to reach her potential, in gymnastics or otherwise.  

We strive to provide an opportunity to continue gymnastics in college.  We are determined to graduate high school seniors through our program.  It is our goal to provide these gymnasts the opportunity to continue training at the college level. The most effective way to achieve these goals is to produce happy and confident athletes.


Cat Aucoin.png

Catherine Aucoin

Class of 2021

Gard Main.jpg

Allie Gard

Class of 2021

Committed to UC Davis

Hsu Action.jpg

Lauren Hsu

Class of 2021

Lauren Hsu.png

Committed to Michigan State

Class of 2023

Lily Aucoin

Mia Hendon.png

Mia Hendon

Class of 2023

Mia Hendon Updated.JPG

Lainey Richardson

Class of 2024

Lainey Second.JPG
Londyn Action.png

Londyn Ingram

Class of 2025

Londyn Main.png

Eden Stippick

Class of 2025

Eden Main.jpg
Grigsby Action.jpg

Lucy Grigsby

Class of 2023

Lina Action.png

Lina Hudak

Class of 2023

Lina Main.png

Kiara Alcorn

Class of 2025

Sophia Keiper Other.JPG

Sophia Keiper

Class of 2025

Stringer .png

Lily Stringer

Class of 2025

Stringer Main.png
Cameron Haley Action.jpg

Cameron Haley

Class of 2023

Cameron Haley.jpg

Class of 2023

Riley Pearce

Pearce Action.png
Berger Action.png

Avery Berger

Class of 2025

Berger Main.png
Hannah Rojo Other.JPG

Hannah Rojo

Class of 2025

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Contact Us

2105 Ranch Road 620 South BUILDING 3 (NOT RM 620)

Lakeway, TX 78734



(512) 351-8942

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