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Class Schedule

Class Level Information:

What is Tikes?

Tikes is known as our preschool gymnastics, this is for the ages 2.5 - 5 years old. Our goal for tikes is to practice basic skills, backwards and forward rolls, kiddie flips, walking on the beam with no help, etc, to get them ready for to transition to beginner gymnastics as they progress along.

What is Beginner Gymnastics?

Beginner Gymnastics is where it all begins for your future gymnasts! This is for ages 4.5 years & up, we work with our students to improve on their basic skills and knowledge of gymnastics.

What is Intermediate Gymnastics?

This is a step above a beginner gymnastics class. This is for someone who has experience in gymnastics. The required skills are; handstand flatback, pull over on bars, L handstand and able to jump without falling on beam, and a bridge kick over.

What is Tumbling?

Tumbling mainly uses trampolines and floor, and focuses on flexibility and power.

What is the difference between tumbling and gymnastics?

The main differences between the two are the apparatuses used within the classes. Gymnastics will focus on the 4 events of Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault. Tumbling will only focus on the aspect of floor, while also using trampolines as training devices before moving skills onto the floor.

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Classes with Openings:

Preschool Gymnastics:
Tues.(2.5-3) - 3:45PM
Wed. - 4:45PM
Thurs. - 5:45PM

Beg. Gymnastics:
Mon. (8+) - 3:45 PM
Mon. - 4:45 PM
Mon. - 5:45PM
Tues. - 4:45PM
Tues. (8+) - 5:45PM
Tues. (4-5) - 5:45PM

Wed. - 4:45 PM
Wed. - 5:45PM
Thurs. (8+) - 3:45PM
Thurs. - 4:45PM
Thurs. - 5:45PM
Thurs. (Beg. to Int. 8+) - 5:45PM 

Friday - 4:45PM

Inter. Gymnastics:
Tues. - 3:45 PM

Beginner Tumbling:
Tues. - 3:45 PM

Inter. Tumbling:
Thurs. - 3:45PM

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Spring/Fall Schedule

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